About us

Welcome to the official web site of the Orthodox Enlightenment Project Simvolik.

The Simvolik Project was founded in autumn 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals on the basis of a large industrial Company; it received blessings from Bishop Panteleimon (Shatov) of Orekovo-Zuevo, Schema Archimandrite Blaise (Peregontsev), Schema Archimandrite Eli (Nozdrin), and Bishop Theodosius (Gazhu) of Isilkul and Russkaya Polyana.

Our principal area of activities is the mission and spiritual enlightenment.

We are one of the few publishers and sellers of Orthodox books for children.

The Orthodox Enlightenment Project Simvolik is guided in its activities by the principles of Holy Orthodoxy and service to the Motherland. We base on the necessity of the spiritual and moral enlightenment of the youth, and revival of Russia.

We co-operate with other Orthodox Enlightenment associations, publishing houses, mass media, and with charity institutions in supporting the needy.

On 20.02.2017, Simvolik Publishing House became a member of the Russian Book Union (RBU). 

At present, the Orthodox Enlightenment Project Simvolik includes:

  1. A publishing association producing books and other printed products, icons, souvenirs with Orthodox symbols, church ware, and textile. 
    All these goods, together with books from other publishing houses, can be bought through the SIMVOLIK chain of shops or ordered at our web site at: 

  2. Enlightenment pages and communities in social webs:

  3. An Orthodox Publishing House specialized in the books for children and teenagers: 

  4. Icon workshop: 
    Our ‘Any icon by order’ campaign allows to produce unique copies of icons that are available in our archives or presented by customers using a unique technology (direct print on linden board), both for the church and house prayer. 

  5. Orthodox souvenirs, ready-made and by order: 
    Ready-made  souvenirs  with Orthodox signs can also be bought in our shops. 

  6. Candle manufacture specialized in the gift  mould candles  for Orthodox feast days. Watch a video about our candle production.

  7. A chain of Orthodox shops in Moscow and other regions of Russia: 

  8. Orthodox children’s summer camp ‘Simvolik’: 

  9. ‘Blagoslovenie’ farm: green products and environmental tourism: 


• Proprietary production facilities in Russia.

• Very quick product sales.

• The best choice of souvenirs.

• Wholesale prices for purchases from RUB 10,000. For churches, even a single article may be offered at the wholesale price.

• The product range is renewed on a continuous basis. Christmas and Easter products are renewed by 35 – 40 % each year.

• Samples are sent free of charge.

• Best value for money in the market. Best prices for souvenirs, icons, and folding icons.

• Toll a mobile shop free of charge.

• Any products may be manufactured on an individual basis with your original design, e.g., featuring your church. Icons can be manufactured starting from one copy.


• Our products are unique and may only be bought from us.

• We are an Orthodox company. All products are checked by our proof readers. The Project and its individual business lines have official blessings.

• A part of the revenue is allocated to numerous charities, e.g. the construction of the Church of Nativity of Theotokos in the village of Zhudra, Khotynetsky district, Oryol region.

Over 130 dioceses and monasteries have become our partners. We are trusted and selected by the clients!

Founder and CEO: Svyatoslav Leonidovich Mozhei.

Articles and interviews: 

    1. Simvolik Ptoject’s Anniversary

    2. Making Business a Ministry

    3. Business and Faith: a Camel’s Hunch Stuffed with Money

    4. The Rich and the Poor: an Orthodox Businessman on Obscurantism, Faith and the Needle’s Eye

    5. Cured Both Physically and Spiritually

    6. The Books Comprehensible to Everyone

    7. I Have Something to Say. An Interview with the Orthodox TV Channel ‘Soyuz’ 

By Decree of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia of November 11, 2014, the Founder of the Simvolik Project Svyatoslav Leonidovich Mozhei was awarded the Patriarch’s Badge in Memory of the 700-th Anniversary of the Venerable Sergius of Radonezh for his ‘Labors for the benefit of the Holy Church.’ The prize was presented by Bishop Theodosius (Gazhu) of Isilkul and Russkaya Polyana.

God bless you! May His Mercy and Support be with all your good undertakings!


Project Managers 

+7 (964) 567 39 42, Vitaly 

+7 (980) 362 67 34, е-mail: info@simvolik.ru, Ilya 

+7 (910) 301-33-23, e-mail: simvolik57@intermarket.su, Anna