Icon of Christ the Saviour (by Andrey Rublev)

Icon of Christ the Saviour (by Andrey Rublev)
/upload/iblock/83f/d592aad3b584c9b10697e7c30d16805a.jpg Icon of Christ the Saviour (by Andrey Rublev)
The Lord Jesus Christ

Direct orint on linden panel.

Painted by St. Andrey Rublev in 1410 - 1420
Central part of Deisis from the city of Zvenigorod, Trtyakov State Gallery, Moscow.
Deisis tier of iconostasis is a row of icons of Saints depicted praying to Christ. The icon of Christ the Saviour was a part of the seven-figures half-length tier, of which the icons of Archangel Michaels and Apostle Paul were also preserved. The icons were found in 1918 under a pile of fire wood in a shed in the city of Zvenigorod, their initial location.
Icon of Christ the Saviour had an immense influence on Andrey Rublev's contemporaries and futher generations of icon painters.
The colour spectrum of the icon is comprised of various tints of ochre and sky blue of the himation. In combination with this spectrum, the Saviour's facial expression createds the impression of softness and wise countenance.
Only the upper part of the icon was preserved, aa the rest of the painting was destroyed in the course of time, yet the remnants are so magnificent that the icon os considered a masterpiece of ancient Russian art.

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