Icon of Christ Pantocrator (of Sinai)

Icon of Christ Pantocrator (of Sinai)
/upload/iblock/960/262b288036ffdd7ef821c20ec1dff80f.jpg Icon of Christ Pantocrator (of Sinai)
The Lord Jesus Christ

Direct print on linden panel.
The icon is preserved in St. Catherine's monastery on Mount Sinai. 
Византия, VI век. 
One of the earliest depictions of Jesus, which remains an iconographic reference sample even at present. The painting technique uses wax as a paints binder material. The icon was created in Constantinople in the 6th century and given to the Sinai monastery as a gift by Emperor Justinian. It was re-opened in the 19th century; and it was found out that the icon had been renovated by tempera in the 13 th centtury. The Sinai icon uses several techniques to present the image both earthly and heavenly. Christ is depicted in dark-purple chiton and himation, the colour of imperial power. In His left hand, there is the New Testament in a precious casing decorated by a big Cross, reminding about His Propitiatory Sacrifice. The fingers on His right hand are put together for a blessing. Another technique is the intended asymmetry of the Saviour's face. Its left side is full of light and radiance, calm and full of pardoning grace, with a level eyebrow. The right side is darker, with a stricter ciuntenance, with a raised and tense eyebrow line. The icon painter created the image of the God-man, both the King of Heaven and the Strict Judge.

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