Icon of Christ Pantocrator (Greek)

Icon of Christ Pantocrator (Greek)
/upload/iblock/178/d19da2bfd766f148bada3ce6bd88188b.jpg Icon of Christ Pantocrator (Greek)
The Lord Jesus Christ

Direct orint on linden panel.

The icon belongs to the 'Christ Pantocrator' type.
The Greek word 'Pantocrator (Almighty) is coined of two stems, "pan"— 'all' and "crator" — 'powerful'. Peculiar for this icon type are the images of Lord's blessing hand and closed or opened book. The Saviour is usually portrayed at bust-length or standing full-height, very rarely, shoulder-length. Lord is presented as the Sustainer and Arbiter of the world, the Giver of truth. The image is to be often encountered with in wall painting. Mural or mosaic of Christ Pantocrator can be found in the central cupola of a church. This icon was painted in Russia, but details suggest the painter often referred to the Greek tradition. At present, the icon os kept in the Cntral Museum.

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