Icon 'Saviour in Majesty'(15th cent.)

Icon 'Saviour in Majesty'(15th cent.)
/upload/iblock/98a/cce37ab417ffd2dc692bfcb53de7b747.jpg Icon 'Saviour in Majesty'(15th cent.)
The Lord Jesus Christ

Direct print on linden panel.

The icon is kept in the State Tretyakov gallery. / The icon «Saviour in Majesty» is probably the deepest and richest image of Christ. It would be no exaggeration to say that this icon is a fully fledged philosophical essay compiled of the means symbols of fine art. Its composition is based on combination of red and blue symbolizing the unity of Divinity and humanity in Christ, and of the fire of the Holy Spirit and Live Water, of Grace and Truth. The red lower square symbolizes the Earth (four cardinal directions and four elements). The Gospels are preached to all four directions of the Earth, so the symbols of the four Evangelists are depicted in the corners of the square. The Angel denotes Mathew, the ox, Luke, the lion, Mark, and eagle, John. The next figure, the blue circle symbolizes the celestial sphere, the world of bodiless powers, depicted here are the Angels, the celestial power. The Saviour is robed in clothes of two colours, a red chiton and a blue himation, also symbolizing the connection of the two natures. Christ gives a blessing with His right hand; in His left hand, there is an open book, a symbol of the Book of Life carrying the names of those who were saved. The image of Christ in majesty and glory, as an image of His second coming in glory, is immediately connected with the theme of the Last Judgement, a popular topic of medieval art

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