Kazan icon of Theotokos

Kazan icon of Theotokos
/upload/iblock/8ec/ddf173994f774c31ec16029d14adecb8.jpg Kazan icon of Theotokos
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.

The Most Holy Mother of God was glorified in Russia in numerous wonderworking images, yet the Kazan icon appears outstanding in terms of the number of copies that were made. It is to this icon that the faithful would pray to when in troubles or diseases; there are numerous churches across Russia devoted to this icon. Kazan icon of Theotokos appeared in the city of Kazan 25 years after the city had been conquered by Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The Faith was preached to the Muslims and pagans with difficulties. The Most Holy Mother of God was quick to grant Her Heavenly assistance to the preachers through the wonderworking icon. On June 28, 1579, a terrible fire destroyed a part of the city and demolished half of the city’s fortress (Kremlin). The fire of Kazan was an omen of the final fall of Islam and establishment of Orthodoxy in the lands of the Golden Horde. The city was soon restored. The Mother of God appeared in a dream to the daughter of Daniel Anuchin, an armed guard (Strelets), and ordered her to recover Her icon buried by clandestine confessors of Orthodoxy during the reign of Muslims. The icon was finally found, and Archbishop Jeremy arrived at the place to take the icon to the nearby church, from where, after a Moleben (Paraklesis), it was taken to the Annunciation Cathedral. The icon quickly came to be venerated as a sign of Heavenly Intercession by the Mother of God, given to the entire Russian Church. Within several decades, the Russian pioneers and missionaries covered thousands of kilometers, and in 1639, started their first sea-bound voyage.

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