Vladimir icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)

Vladimir icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
/upload/iblock/170/4a2b5d29ab242b100782d77bb5601a82.jpg Vladimir icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel
История написания 
The iconographic type of the icon dates back to Byzantium of the 12th century. At present, the icon is kept in Andrey Rublev Central museum of Old Russian Culture and Art. According to the Tradition, the icon was painted by St. Apostle and Evangelist Luke. Seeing the image, the Most Pure Mother of God said, “Henceforward shall all generations gratify Me. Let the blessing of He Who was born by Me, and My blessing stay with this icon.” Numerous outstanding miracles were made by the icon. The most solemn feast of the icon is celebrated on September 8 (August 26 by Julian calendar) to commemorate miraculous delivery of Moscow from the invasion by Tamerlane’s army in 1395. The icon of the most pure was taken from Vladimir to Moscow in a cross procession that took 10 days, as multitudes of Christians prayed to the Most Holy Mother of God for the delivery of Rus from the enemy. At the moment when Muscovites met the icon, The Most Holy Theotokos appeared to khan Tamerlane in a dream and ordered him to leave Moscow, which actually happened. In order to honor the event, the Feast of Meeting of Vladimir icon of the Mother of God was established, and Sretensky Monastery was built on the place of the meeting. By prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Vladimir icon saved our country from the enemies and has become one of the most venerated icon in Rus..

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