Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Sign' (15th cent.)

Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Sign' (15th cent.)
/upload/iblock/0c8/6bb6ecd0b5321aa22bfbdf24c88949c1.jpg Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Sign' (15th cent.)
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.
History of the icon 
The icon is a part of in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery. The icon was taken from the Prophets' row of iconostasis of the Saviour's Cathedral of Transfiguration in the city of Tver. The icon depicts the Holy Mother of God with Her hands stretched out and a half-height figure of Emmanuel with His hand giving a blessing; it belongs to the 'Oranta' type, one of the five types of the image of Theotokos. The Theotokos' hands stretched out to the sky is an ancient symbol of a pray to God. In the Russian tradition, the 'Sign' icons are included in this type. The fundamental meaning of the icons 'Of the Sign' is the transition from the Theotokos' Intercession prayer to the Incarnation of Christ. The icon also depicts two six-winged 'burning' Seraphs, the God's servants who are most close to Him. 

 Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Sign' is one of the most venerated by Russians The faithful would pray before it for cessation of calamities, protection from the enemies' invasion, fire, thieves and criminals, as well as for the return of lost things, protection of our compatriots who are forced to wander around the globe, for pacification of the belligerent and delivery from internecine wars.

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