Tikhvin icon of Theotokos

Tikhvin icon of Theotokos
/upload/iblock/44f/a6f604d00b674580638b39571d611e4a.jpg Tikhvin icon of Theotokos
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.

Feast day: June 26 (July 9 by Gregorian calendar) 
According to the Tradition, the image on the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, was first painted by Apostle Luke. The icon belongs to the 'Hodegetria' iconographic type. The icon depicts the Mother of God, with Her right hand pointing at baby Christ sitting on Her left hand. Theotokos shows the true way, the way to Christ.
In 1383, 70 years before the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the icon disappeared from Constantinople, and was taken by angels to the waters of Ladoga lake. Finally, the icon stopped in the vicinity of the city of Tikhvin, where a church was built in the name of Dormition of the Mother of God. At present, the original image is kept in the Tikhvin monastery.
The Tikhvin icon of Theotokos is one of the most venerated in Russia. It protects babies and helps during pregnancy and in giving birth. The faithful would pray before the icon for sick children, for the protection of children from the evil outside influence, and for the strengthening of ties between parents and their children.

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