Tikhvin icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)

Tikhvin icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
/upload/iblock/7b5/3a37779357c816552bd44ab474dba3d4.jpg Tikhvin icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.

An icon from the local row of iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral of Ipatiev Monastery. The image is venerated as a precise copy of the original kept in the Tikhvin Monastery. At present, the icon is kept in Kostroma United State Historical and Architectural museum " Ipatiev Monastery ".
According to the Tradition, the image on the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, was first painted by Apostle Luke. Originally the icon stayed in Antioch, then found itself in Jerusalem. In the 5th cent., the icon was taken to Constantinople. In 1383, 70 years before the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the icon disappeared from Constantinople, and was taken by angels to the waters of Ladoga lake. Then, moving in the air along the Valaam archipelago, it stayed for a while over Voshchany island, where it was seen by local fishermen. Finally, the icon stopped in the vicinity of the city of Tikhvin, where a church in the name of Dormition of the Mother of God, and later a monastery, were built. 
Staying in Russia, the icon protects and keeps safe our Motherland through the prayers of Theotokos. 
Feast day of the Tikhvin icon of the Most Holy Mother of God: June 26 (June 9 by Gregorian calendar).

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