Icon of Theotokos 'The Inexhaustible Chalice'

Icon of Theotokos 'The Inexhaustible Chalice'
/upload/iblock/128/8d09361fbeafe18e3b515e0ba459116f.jpg Icon of Theotokos 'The Inexhaustible Chalice'
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linen panel
Feast day: May 18 (Gregorian calendar) 
 Icon of Theotokos «Inexhaustible Chalice» The icon appeared in 1878 in Tula region, in a vision to a retired soldier, obsessed by excessive drinking. Through his obsession, the soldier lost the use of his legs. In a dream, he saw Elder Varlaam, ordering him to go to a monastery in the city of Serpukhov and pray to the Theotokos' icon 'Inexhaustible Chalice'. In the monastery, they new nothing about such icon, but noticed an unknown icon with an image of chalice hanging on a wall. By prayers before the icon, the suffering soldier was cured. Location of the icon after 1929 is unknown. Two replicas are venerated at present, one in Visotsky monastery, and the other in Vladyka's convent of the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos in Serpukhov. The Mother of God is portrayed with her arms lifted up, as She is praying for all the people faithfully venerating Her, with the Communion Chalice and the baby Christ giving His blessing. The Orthodox would pray to the icon to be delivered from heavy drinking, smoking, drug abuse, or other obsessions.

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