Smolensk icon of Theotokos (Hodegetria, early 16th cent.)

Smolensk icon of Theotokos (Hodegetria, early 16th cent.)
/upload/iblock/d44/9c7d1ed4bba82ac1638e262509d912ad.jpg Smolensk icon of Theotokos (Hodegetria, early 16th cent.)
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.
Icon of Theotokos «Hodegetria»
Early 16th cent.
The tradition has it that the original image of Smolensk icon of Theotokos named Hodegetria was painted by St. Apostle and Evangelist Luke. This is a half-length portrayal of the Mother of God with Baby Christ stems from the Byzantine iconography of Hodegetria.
The icon appeared in Russia in 1046, when the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX had his daughter Anna married to Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich of Chernigov and blessed her with the icon. In 1239, by Theotokos' prayers, Smolensk was miraculously delivered from a Tartar invasion, when a warrior named Mercurius was notified by Theotokos about Her help and what had to be done to win the battle. Numerous other miracles were worked by the icon. In 1940, the icon was known to be kept in the Dormition Cathedral of the city of Smolensk, but a year later, when Nazis occupied the city, it was not found there. Thus only the wonderworking copy of the icon remains; it is kept in the Dormition Cathedral. Smolensk icon of Theotokos is one of the major spiritual treasures of Russia. Through Her image, the Mother of God intercedes and helps people, showing them the path to salvation.

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