Icon of Theotokos 'Quick to Hearken'

Icon of Theotokos 'Quick to Hearken'
/upload/iblock/d20/c920789afc92259c81259c7c1bf95c59.jpg Icon of Theotokos 'Quick to Hearken'
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.
Feast day: November 9 (22). The icon was painted on the Holy Mount Athos in the 10th - 11th centuries. At present, the icon is kept in Dopier monastery in Athos. The image belongs to the 'Hodegetria' type. Peculiar for this type is the depiction of Theotokos keeping the Baby Christ on Her left hand. The Most Holy Virgin points at the Baby Christ as if telling us that the true way is the way to Christ. In 1684, when the icon was kept in a special niche in the outside wall next to the refectory, a monk named Neil passed by with a smoking torch in his hand and heard a voice saying, 'Next time, don't approach this place with a fired torch, and don't soot the icon.' Neil thought, someone from among the brethren said this, and continued walking near the icon and sooting the icon. Then he heard the mysterious voice again, 'O monk who is unworthy of the name, for how long are you going to walk here recklessly and soot My image?' After that, Neil immediately lost his eyesight. He became aware of the error he had committed and since then, every day prayed to be forgiven by Theotokos in tears. Once he heard a voice coming from the icon, saying that he was forgiven and would receive his eyesight anew, and all the Orthodox may resort to the icon for a quick help.

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