Don icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)

Don icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
/upload/iblock/61f/2da338a7dfd2e32f3ebf11df9d994b63.jpg Don icon of Theotokos (16th cent.)
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.
The icon is kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery. On its front side, there is an image of Theotokos of the «Tenderness».type. On the reverse side, there is the icon of Dormition. In a gesture typical for the 'Tenderness' icon, the Holy Virgin holds the Baby Christ with Her left hand, while Christ touches Her cheek with His face. With His right hand Christ gives a blessing with two fingers, and in His left hand, He keeps a rolled up scroll, This type of icon represents the plenitude of love between God and man; this love unites heavenly and earthly, heavenly and human things on the icon; this is represented by the images and halos touching each other. The icon kept in a church in the city of Sirotin was brought to the Don region by the Cossacks who joined the troops of Dmitry Donskoy shortly before the battle against Mamai in 1380. The prayers before the icon lasted the whole night. Fastened to a staff, the icon accompanied the Russian warriors in the battle as a banner. After the Don victory, the icon was named 'Donskaya'. The faithful would pray before Donskaya icon of Theotokos for delivery from the enemies' invasion, support of the Russian Orthodox armies in difficult times. 

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