Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Bread'

Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Bread'
/upload/iblock/99c/7fcc5663845c0d0f5d582d1e7491b8b7.jpg Icon of Theotokos 'Of the Bread'
blessed. Virgin

Feast day: September 8/21 In winter 1941, in besieged Leningrad, a woman called Natalia Likhacheva was starving together with her two children; for three days, they boiled and ate old newspapers. Natalia went out to look for some help. Artillery shelling started, and she fell on earth. When she raised, she saw an icon of the Mother of God. She was quite surprised to read the name of the icon, 'Of the Bread'. On the next day, a soldier gave her a small bag of oat: the Mother of God sent her the bread. And in a week after that the first convoy with bread made its way to the city. The icon of Theotokos appeared around 1540 to Bishop Philip of Moscow, then a monk in Solovki Monastery, working in its bakery. He installed the icon in the Monastery's bakery, and was called 'Of the Bread' or 'Behind the Oven'.

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