Icon of Theotokos 'Helper in Birth'

Icon of Theotokos 'Helper in Birth'
/upload/iblock/7d8/74c461d23853feefe8124a3b681de4ca.jpg Icon of Theotokos 'Helper in Birth'
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.
Mothers would heartily pray before this icon, asking for the help of the Most Blessed Mother of God Who gave birth to Christ the Saviour without pain. They call unto Her at the most fearful and mysterious moment in faith that She is an able Intercessor and Helper to all the suffering and burdened before the eyes of God. And everyone who resorts to the Heavenly Queen would receive Her help and consolation in sorrows and diseases. Her all-powerful intercession would ensure recovery from any illnesses and sufferings when no riches or might are helpful. Feast day: December 26/ January 8

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