Icon of the Theotokos the 'Holy Belt'

Icon of the Theotokos the 'Holy Belt'
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blessed. Virgin

Artnumber: 001003ид14029

Price: $5.16

Direct print on linden panel.
size: 9,5х14х2,5 cm.
Feast day: September 13 (August 31 by Julian calendar)

The icon is dedicated to the feast of Deposition of the Venerable Girdle of the Mother of God. The Girdle was woven by Theotokos from the camel wool and deposed by her from Heavens to console St. Thomas who had been absent during the Dormition of the Holy Lady. In the reign of Emperor Leo, his spouse was healed afterr having a vision that her illness would be cured after the Girdles is placed on her. The Theotkos' Girdle helps to cure infertility (the faithful would pray to the icon for birth-giving). The Girdle was divided into three parts; one of them is kept in the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos, the other in Cyprus, and the third, in Georgia.

Troparion, Tone 8
O Theotokos, Ever Virgin Lady Mary, Intercessor of men, Thou hast given the vestment and girdle from Thy Most Pure Body as a sovereign protection to Thy city, staying incorruptible through Thine immaculate conception, for both natutre and time are renewed through Thee; wherefrom we do  pray to Thee for granting,  peace to Thy city and Thy great mercy to out souls

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