Pochaev icon of Theotokos

Pochaev icon of Theotokos
/upload/iblock/8b1/b033c5fec1fcf66e3ebb6955bac8880a.jpg Pochaev icon of Theotokos
blessed. Virgin

Direct print on linden panel.

Feast days: March 31, July 23, and September 8 (Julian calendar). 
In 1340, two monks settled on the hill giving home to the Pochaev Dormition Laura these days. Once after a prayer one of them climbed the hill, and there he saw the Mother of God standing on a stone, as if enveloped in flames. He called the other monk who was also bestowed to witness the miraculous appearance. One more witness was Ioann the Barefoot. Having seen the unusual light on the top of the hill he joined the monks in glorifying God and His Most-Pure Mother. After the appearance, Theotokos' right foot print remained on the rock where She was standing. The footprint is still there and it is always filled with water miraculously shed by the rock. The water stays in the footprint though numerous pilgrims keep taking it to use as a cure for various dieases.
The history of appearance of Pochaev icon of Theotokos in the monastery was as follows. In 1559, Metropolitan Neophytus from Constantinople was travelling through the Volyn area and visited a gentlewoman named Anna Goiskaya in her estate of Orlya near the city of Pochaev. He gave her an icon of Theotokos he had brought from Constantinople as a blessing. Very soon after that, the icon became known as emanating divine radiance. When in 1597 Anna's brother, Philip was cured while praying before the icon, it was given over to the monks dwelling on Pochaev hill.
In the course of time, the church dedicated to the Dormition of Theotokos was biult on the hill and incorporated into the monastery. Throughout its history, Pochaev monastery went through numerous troubles, as it was supressed by Luterans, invaded by Turks, and captured by Uniates; yet owing to the Theotokos' intercession, all the tribulations passed by. The rock with Theotokos' footprint is often depicted on Pochaev icons of the Mother of God.

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