Icon of the Guarding Angel

Icon of the Guarding Angel
/upload/iblock/e84/6f101276a093a2cd952bc957a918e771.jpg Icon of the Guarding Angel
St. angel

Commemoration days: respective Saint's feast day, November 21 (Gregorian calendar) - Feast of Archangel Michael and All Angels. In the Sacrament of Baptism, God sends a Guarding Angel, accompanying each Christian throughout the life. In Baptism, a name in honour of a Saint is given to a person. From that moment on, the Saint becomes a heavenly protector, or Guarding Angel of a man. The Guarding Angels protect the man from any troubles or misfortunes, and from the invisible evil spirits. They pray together with us to be forgiven for any sins and provide us with spiritual guidance. The guarding Angels never leave us, and after the death guide our souls to God. On the icon, the Guarding Angel is portrayed as a winged youth clothed in white. Sometimes the Guarding Angel is depicted with a cross and a sword as symbols of protection and intercession.

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