Icon of St. Bishop Luke of the Crimea (Voino-Yasenetsky)

Icon of St. Bishop Luke of the Crimea (Voino-Yasenetsky)
/upload/iblock/0fa/4313377014f3b6dd3355e168aae9bd02.jpg Icon of St. Bishop Luke of the Crimea (Voino-Yasenetsky)
SVT. Luke Of Crimea (Voyno-Yasenetsky)

Direct print on linden panel.
Mock gold.
Feast day: June 11 (Gregorian calendar). May 20 (Julian calendar) 

Archbishop Luke (Valentin Felixovich Voino-Yasenetsky) was a famous surgeon, a professor and hierarch of the Crimean diocese. He was born in the city of Kerch on April 27, 1877. He selected medicine as his profession and worked as a surgeon during the Russian-Japanese war. In 1919, after the death of his wife, Fr. Valentin became a monk and was named after Apostle Luke and then ordained as a Bishop. From that time on, there came long years of imprisonment, exiles, martyrdom and profession of the Orthodox Faith. From 1946 till 1961, he was the Bishop of the Crimean diocese without leaving his medical practice. Saint Bishop reposed on the Feast Day of All Saints that Shone Forth in Russia. His incorruptible relics are kept in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the city of Simferopol. St. Bishop Luke is venerated as a protector of doctors and helper to those undergoing surgery.

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