Pendant with an image (icon) of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Pendant with an image (icon) of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow
/upload/iblock/a2f/6d5cff2bb3de31584ac7c8dd406aa8ba.jpg Pendant with an image (icon) of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow
St. blessed John Paul II. Matrona Of Moscow

Artnumber: 001004пдвс20002

Price: $1.24

size 17х20 mm., double-sided resin filling, metal base.
The icon was painted  at the Faculty of Church Arts of St. Tikhon’s Theological Institute.
Blessed Matrona was born on 1885 in the village of Sebino of Tula region. Instead of eyes, she had just closed eye-lids. Sacred things attracted the girl from her very early years. At the age of 6 or 7, she manifested the gift of spiritual vision, which attracted numerous pilgrims who received her blessed assistance. At the age of 17, she suddenly lost use of her legs. Soon came the difficult times of godless rule. Matrona moved to Moscow, and her wanderings between the acquaintances' apartments and houses started. She escaped arrests by miracle. Despite all the troubles, Matrona continued receiving people, giving them consolation and encouragement. At night, Matrona prayed. On May 2, 1952, she departed into the Lord. On May 4, she was buries in Danilovskoye cemetery, which 30 years later became a destination for Orthodox pilgrims from all over Russia. On march 8, 1998, with the blessing from the Holy Patriarch Alexis II, Eldress Matrona's holy relics  were excavated and transferred to the Protection of Theotokos Convent. She was canonized on May 2, 1999. After an early Liturgy in the Protection of Theotokos Cathedral, the last Litany was served for her. Next morning, the Holy Patriarch Alexis II announced her canonization.

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