Folding icon of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Folding icon of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow
/upload/iblock/72d/e7c033816d1fc9b0683e31f86287ac3c.jpg Folding icon of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow
St. blessed John Paul II. Matrona Of Moscow

Folding icon - Diptych, gold embossed.
Body and base of the folding icons are made of wood and MDF, covered with high-quality flock (artificial velvet spraying).
Furnished with figured hinges and a lock with by-gold, packed in a gift pack of cardboard.

Folding icons manufactured by «Simvolik»:
  • fully opening folds,
  • a hole on the reverse side for wall fixing,
  • canonicity of images certified by the icon workshop of St. Tikhon's Theological Institute.

  • Commemoration day of St. Blessed Matrona of Moscow: April 19 (May 2 by Julian calendar).
    Her relics rest in the Protection of Theotokos convent in Moscow. She is tenderly called Matronushka by many people who continue to receive her help in the same way as during her lifetime. Compassion rooted in her loving heart, prayer, the holy Cross, and faithfulness to the canons of the Orthodox Church were in the focus of her intense spiritual life. Her deeds of faith are to be associated with ancient popular traditions of piety. Therefore, the assistance received through addressing the righteous Eldress gives spiritual fruit, as people become more confident about their faith, churched both internally and externally, and partaking in everyday prayer. Commemoration day : April 19 (may 2 by Julian calendar).

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