Icon of St. Prophet Elijah Icon св. пророк Илия

Icon of St. Prophet Elijah Icon св. пророк Илия
/upload/iblock/23a/74c820c7c93ce58d27dad00384d0cb43.jpg Icon of St. Prophet Elijah Icon св. пророк Илия
St. Elijah the prophet

Direct print on linden panel.

An icon from the State Tretyakov Gallery6, Moscow. 
St. Prophet Elijah is one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament and the first one to preserve his virginity for God's sake. He was born in the town of Tishba in Gilead to the tribe of Levi in 9th cent. BC. The baby was named Elijah, meaning the «God's fortress». From his early years, he dedicated himself to the Only God, settling in the desert and leading the strict life of fasting, contemplation of God, and prayers. Having received a calling for the prophet's service under the Israeli King Ahab, the Prophet became a zealous adherent of the true Faith and piety. At that time, the pagan King Ahab forced the Jewish people to revere Baal. Elijah prophesied to the King that if the people did not resort to the True God, there would be a famine, which actually happened. After three years and a half, Elijah returned to the Kingdom to demonstrate their delusion to the Israelis. There were two altars on Mount Carmel, one for Baal and the other for the True God. The pagan priests failed to invoke fire onto their altar, and their god was put to shame. In his turn, Elijah heartily prayed to the Lord, and fire came forth from the sky, burning the sacrifice, water, and the altar stones. Having seen the miracle, the people came to believe in the True God and glorified Him. For his zealous faith in God, Elijah was taken to Heaven alive in a chariot of fire. The faithful would pray to the Prophet Elijah for sending rain in a draught. Feast day: July 20 (August 2 by Gregorian calendar)

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