Icon of St. Ven. Maximus the Greek

Icon of St. Ven. Maximus the Greek
/upload/iblock/95f/558359f7d01f98c855222bd8b0f2a108.jpg Icon of St. Ven. Maximus the Greek

Direct print on linden panel.
Feast days: February 3 (Gregorian calendar); opening of the relics: July 4 (Gregorian calendar)

Venerable Maximus the Greek lived in late 15th century. He is known as the author of numerous sermons and theological essays. Upon blessing of the Patriarch of Constantinople, after 10 years at Mount Athos, where he was tonsured, Maximus went to Moscow as a translator. There he translated from Greek the Psalter, Fathers' comments to the Acts, and St. John Chrysostom's comments to Matthew and John. Inaccurate translation of some texts caused his suspension for 20 years. He spent the last years of his life in St. Sergius' Trinity Laura and was buried there in 1556. Upon the blessing of Patriarch Job, his relics were opened in 1591; they cured numerous people. Reopening of the relics took place on July 4, 1996, upon blessing of Alexy, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

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