Icon of Ven. Svetlana (Photinia) of Palestine

Icon of Ven. Svetlana (Photinia) of Palestine
/upload/iblock/6cd/7b6af73ff28cbd5cdd7cb05aa7717fb9.jpg Icon of Ven. Svetlana (Photinia) of Palestine
St. PRP. Svetlana (Fotina, Photinia)

Direct print on linden panel.
Commemoration day: February 13/ 26 IN the 5th cent, of the shores of Palestine, a ship was wrecked in Mediterranean. A girl named Photinia was the only survivor. She was washed ashore an isle, on which ven. Martinian abode. Several times a year, a ship brought wicker, bread and water for him, and took away the baskets he made with his hands. The Venerable said to the girl they could not stay there together for the fear of temptations. There was enough bread and water for her, and a ship would arrive in tow months. After that, he plunged into the sea, and dolphins brought him ashore. When the ship arrived, Photinia refused to go back to the world, deciding instead to stay on the isle for God's sake. The ship now supplied her with bread, water and wool for her handwork. The Saint found herself on the isle at the age of 25 and stayed there, praying and working, for 6 years. After her death, her body was taken to Caesarea of Palestine.

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