Icon of St. Martyr Tatiana Grimblit

Icon  of St. Martyr Tatiana Grimblit
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St. MTS. Tatiana

Artnumber: 001048ид19001пк

Price: $14.68

size 14х19х2,5 cm.. Mock gold, reliquary. size 14х19х2,5  cm..
Commemoration day: September 10/23 

Tatiana Nikolaevna Grimblit was canonized as a New Martyr and Confessor in 2002. A grand-daughter of a protopriest, she was born in 1903 and brought up in faith and love to God. After the Revolution and during the Civil War, she kept helping prison inmates, collected and sent to prisons food and clothes. For her missionary work and support provided to numerous people, she was arrested 4 times (in 1923, 1925, 1927, and 1931). In 1937, Tatiana Grimblit was shot dead by the firing squad at Butovo grounds in Moscow. Throughout her short life of 34 years, she demonstrated the maximum possible beauty of a human soul, serving to other people: 'I am grateful to everyone for everything. Forgive me. For God, I would be glad to go not only to the prison but even to death.

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