Icon 'Transfiguration of our Lord' (15th cent.)

Icon 'Transfiguration of our Lord' (15th cent.)
/upload/iblock/bd6/b727f08dbe8f097d233dd02d79ad2a69.jpg Icon 'Transfiguration of our Lord' (15th cent.)

Direct print on linden panel.

Feast day: August 19 (Gregorian calendar) / August 6 (Julian calendar) 

Transfiguration of our Lord is on of the Twelve Great Feast. Three Books of Gospels contain a similar description of the celebrated event. Christ was on Mount Tabor together with His three disciples John, James, and Peter. They were the only witnesses of Transfiguration, as while Jesus was praying, they fell asleep and were awakened by the bright light coming from a cloud, out of which a voice came, saying, 'This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!' (Matthew 17:5). The Saviour in white clothes and in shining is depicted in the center of the icon. To the left of Him is the Old Testament Prophet Elijah, and to the right, Prophet Moses, holding the book with the prophecy about His passions. Transfiguration of our Lord is the miracle confirming the godly nature of Christ and the evidence that God has no dead, everyone =s alive with God. 

Troparion, Tone 7 
Thou wast transfigured on the mountain, O Christ God, Who didst show Thy glory unto Thy disciples as far as they could bear it, May Thine ever-existing light shine forth also upon us sinners/ through the prayers of the Theotokos. O Bestower of light, glory be to Thee!

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