Icon 'Advent'

Icon 'Advent'
/upload/iblock/3af/98c1238a809bd5d62f0058b62f785479.jpg Icon 'Advent'

Direct print on linden panel.
Mock gold.
The church name of the feast is Pentecost, while its popular name is the Trinity Day. 
The Feast of the Holy Trinity is dedicated to the descent of the Holy Spirit onto Apostles. It is always celebrated 10 days after Ascension and 50 days after Easter. Our Lord promised to send the Consoler, the Holy Spirit. Apostles are depicted on the icon with halos to emphasize their belonging to the Heavenly Kingdom. When the Apostles got together for prayers, the Holy Spirit descended onto them like flames. The Apostles started glorifying God in different languages they had not known before. In the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity fully manifested Itself as God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit.

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